You cannot live a fearless life. But you can choose who to fear

Advertisers who want to sell you athletic gear and shoes and GoPros and soda would like you to believe that you can live a life without fear, but in my experience there is no outrunning fear. When we are young we fear the dark and monsters under our bed and

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I like Easter but do we always have to talk about death?

Most of us are uncomfortable talking about death. We’re careful how we talk about death. Even in cemeteries and funeral homes. In the death care industry, certain terms have been changed to help people feel more comfortable. The deceased is never called a corpse, they are called a “loved one.”

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My son just turned 29. Here are 2.9 things I’ve learned about parenting

My son just turned 29. That means that I have been at this parenting game for almost 3 decades. Before I had children I used to give messages like “10 rock solid rules for parenting,” but after almost 3 decades the amount of things I don’t know far exceeds the

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