As the pastor of Canyon Springs I hear lots of stories. Some are sad stories of people going through difficult times, some are great stories of what God has done in someone’s life, but my favorite stories happen when the two come together. They sound something like this “Life was hard, then God showed up.” Let me share one story that touched two families in our Canyon Springs community this year.

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Kathy lost her husband to ALS, not before he was baptized at Canyon Springs though.

Not long ago, my friend Kathy lost her husband Alan to ALS. If you know anything about that disease, you know it’s a long cruel losing battle as ALS slowly takes away your motor function until you are confined to a bed or wheelchair. Kathy loves Jesus, but as you can imagine, she was feeling hurt and alone after the death of her husband. “How are you going to use this God?” was Kathy’s question.

She didn’t have to wait long for the answer. Shortly after Alan’s funeral Kathy attended our Shop With a Purpose event, and ran into her friend Cindy. Cindy shared that her friend Terri’s husband had just been diagnosed with ALS and they were devastated. Kathy offered to be available to talk with Terri if it would help. Later that week Cindy connected with Terri and shared Kathy’s story. Kathy and Terri met for a walk around the lake. That conversation with Kathy led Michael and Terri to Canyon Springs and more importantly, to Jesus.

Since that time Kathy has felt a calling on her heart to start Angels Care ministry at Canyon Springs. The change in the Howell family has been amazing as well. Let me put it in Michael’s words. “My first thought upon my diagnosis wasn’t self pity. I remember saying to God ‘Well, you have my attention.‘ In that moment I started walking back to God. I feel in my heart I have the peace that everything is going to be fine on earth and in heaven. Thank you Kathy and Canyon Springs. You have been a spiritual life saver to me!

The reason I wanted you to hear these stories is simple. I just wanted to say thank you! It’s your time, money and effort that make it possible for these moments where Jesus shows up. As the year closes, we ask you to help us make one more impact. Could you help us finish the year financially strong? We are coming into year end a little behind and I would greatly appreciate it if you could help us end strong. It’s your money that fuels this ministry and makes all this possible.

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Merry Christmas from Pastor Jack and the CSC Staff