On Saturday I gave my daughter away in marriage. There are so many details to take care of for an event like that. On top of all those duties my daughter asked me to officiate for her wedding. Leading up to that weekend I asked my friends to pray that I would be in the moment. Not only was I in the moment, there were so many moments that I can’t count them all. Here’s a short list:

Seeing my daughter for the first time in her wedding dress the morning of the wedding.
Waiting in the car with my daughter the minutes before I walked her down the aisle.
Watching our wedding coordinator and long-time Canyon Springs friend April clear the Organ Pavilion before the ceremony. “Are you the bride? Then move on!” So funny.
Performing the wedding ceremony to all our many invited guests and about 100 uninvited guests who sat in the back of the venue watching. One tourist video taped the whole ceremony! Not only did I get through it without bawling but I enjoyed every minute of it.
Tyler and Paige enjoying their first dance together while my daughter Sterling sang and played for them.
Watching my son Riley join Paige at the sweetheart table as Tyler and his mom had their mother/son dance
Seeing my daughter Daphlie dominate the dance floor.

When I woke up the next morning, which came at 4:00 AM because I had to take my son to the airport, I was still on cloud 9. The one moment I couldn’t stop thinking about was the father/daughter dance. I really have no dance moves. When I came to my daughter she said “So how are we going to do this?” We decided to just awkwardly sway back and forth but as we did we talked about the day. I can’t remember what we talked about. All I can remember is giggling for 3 straight minutes until our friends started clapping to mercifully put my dance moves to bed for the night.

In the moment. That’s what I wanted. That’s what I got. I wanted to live life in the moment. Life is just one moment after another, if we pay attention. Check this out:


These are my two daughters who are still living at home. They had the brilliant idea of filling our jacuzzi with soap last night.  My two big kids are gone but turns out there are still plenty of moments left.

Take time to enjoy a moment today. Don’t hope for a time in the future when you’ll have less stress. Don’t long for past moments that are gone. Be on the lookout for a moment to enjoy today. If you pay attention you’ll see that God doles them out one after another our whole lives.